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Augusta boasts some truly amazing attractions that are guaranteed to satisfy all. History, entertainment, outdoor adventure – Augusta truly has something for everyone, and friendly, smiling faces to match.

Augusta lies on the edge of America’s most beautiful rolling prairie lands. It offers picturesque hills just perfect for exploring, long lazy rivers for fishing and swimming, and all the conveniences of a modern city.

The heart of downtown Augusta offers superb shopping, bustling restaurants, and lively entertainment. We have put millions of dollars into contemporary renovations, and new visitors are coming to us in droves!

The Redbrick District is the highlight of your pioneer/metropolitan experience. This section of downtown provides you with food, fun, shops, and the best business development opportunities should you decide to stay. In Augusta, you’ll find just the right mix of rural and urban to make any day just perfect.


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Located just 15 minutes from Wichita – the largest city in the Sunflower State – Augusta is the perfect blend of modern living, frontier friendliness, and old-world charm. Families and visitors come from across the country to live, work, and play in Augusta because of the tremendous opportunities offered for new business, beautiful sightseeing, and real community values.

At present, more than 9300 citizens, and close to 40 different businesses, call Augusta home. Each of them adds their own unique element to our community, schools, events, and our commercial appeal, and help to draw more and more people to Augusta every year.

Most recently, with the completion of a $2.1 million downtown streetscape project, the historic Red Brick District has become a lovely place to shop, attend special events, and experience the community’s historic beginnings. In addition to our history, Augusta also has close proximity to some of America’s most beautiful rolling plains and walking paths. The Flint Hills make an especially idyllic location for hikers, painters, birdwatchers, and more!


The confluence of the Whitewater River and Walnut River was originally inhabited by Native Americans, primarily the Osage, who found the land ideal for hunting and fishing.  So did the settlers crossing into the area via horse and covered wagon from the east.

In 1868, C.N. James settled in the area and built a log home to serve as a general store and trading post.  He paid $40 for the land title from the U.S. Land Office.  He named the new settlement after his wife, Augusta.  The original log cabin structure still stands at its original location, right next to the Augusta Historical Museum.

The first train rolled into Augusta in 1881, to support the growth of livestock production and increased agriculture throughout the area.  Shortly after the turn of the century, two railroad companies served the town, the Santa Fe and the Frisco.

The discovery of oil and natural gas in Butler County led to further growth and became a major source of employment for many years in eastern Kansas.  The oil industry played a significant economic role in developing Augusta.

The closure of Mobil Refinery in 1983 marked a change in Augusta’s commerce.

The City’s downtown is in the process of undergoing a facelift.  Storefronts are being improved to invoke historic details and improve the appearance of the buildings.  The Streetscape project completed in 2009 added new sidewalks, lighting, landscaping, and other improvements to the red brick streets of the downtown.



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