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Why Do I Need A Buyers Agent?


1.            The Buyer Agency agreement is a consensual agreement between a broker and a buyer establishing an agency status making the Buyer a client of the Broker and the Broker the agent of the Buyer. The Broker owes fiduciary loyalty to said buyer just like an attorney or an accountant does when they work for their client.  THEY WORK FOR YOU.

2.            A Realty Executives Sudduth Realty (RESR) Buyers Agent will train you in a program we call Sudduth University. This training will familiarize you with the buying process, forms, dates, times, negotiating ideas, and your rights as a buyer in the terms of the contract. This Knowledge is paramount in having confidence in your purchase.

3.            A RESR Buyers Agent will help guide you to good lenders with acceptable terms and work effectively with your lender. This saves you from time off work and stress through the buying process.

4.            The Realty Executives Sudduth Realty (RESR) Buyer Agent promotes you. If you are making an offer on a home a Buyer Agents ability to explain and sell your strength and ability to buy are invaluable in getting a Seller to accept your offer. Many times this alone saves you thousands of dollars.

5.            A RESR Buyers Agent knows neighborhoods better than anyone else. Location, Location, Location is an age old truth but hard to determine with a layman’s understanding.  A Buyers Agent can make you money on the resale of your home in a few years.

6.            RESR Buyers Agents can map your searches on their professional inventory systems. The MLS searches are real time and feed directly to you giving you in many cases several hours head start on new listings. In a hot market this service is the ALL difference in getting to home you want.

7.            RESR Buyer Agents will help you analyze price and provide prospective, our job is to help you get the home you want in the time frame you need. Your PERFECT home is typically a rare find as your needs and wants are specific to your family. You need a RESR Buyers Agent to secure your home.

8.            A RESR Buyer agent can recommend inspectors and tests that are important and crucial to knowing the systems of the home you are buying is indeed  stable and functioning. Time is of the essence in inspectors so having access to several quality inspection companies save you time and money.

9.            A RESR Buyers Agent is critical to have working for you because while you are falling in love with a home they are reviewing it with a critical eye. How is the condition of the roof? Is there negative drainage? Are there signs of leakage in the basement? They are not inspectors but many times will find concerns you need to consider.

10.          A RESR Buyers agent is a source of professional knowledge that is invaluable is crisis situations that arise in the home buying process. We Have over a hundred years of combined experience to draw from.

11.          The RESR Buyer Agent assists in coordinating communications between the lender, title company, sellers and You their client. Having things properly prepared for closing helps eliminate last minute nightmares that happen when Buyers best interests are not looked after.

12.          A RESR Buyers agent will be there through the closing process, reviewing the closing statement and explaining it to you so the actual closing is just the culmination of a great experience

 Please do not let youself be exposed to inexperience in a complicated transaction when a phone call to one of my personally trained agents can lead you to a great and informative home buying process. 

Mark W Sudduth Broker /Owner Realty Executives Sudduth Realty Inc.




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I want to sell my home but where do I start?

There are thousands of articles written on this question so this is not going to be completely new. However after 25 years selling homes there are some things that are just practical and not costly, what I like to consider nuts and bolts preparations. If you watch the T.V. shows they have some good advise but a lot of it is superficial, costly and does not apply to South Central Kansas.

Lets start from the beginning, the goal is the sell your home for the best price with the least amount of complications. So lets get out from behind the computer and do a walk around. We’ll start out at the curb and have a good look at your home. Look at it with a critical eye the same one your buyer is going to use, put yourself in their shoes. Are the windows clean? Is the front door clean and bright? Are the gutters clean or can you see leaves piled clear to the shingles? Are the shrubs trimmed? Should more fresh mulch be added? Is there any dead branches in the trees? is the fence straight and not leaning over? Are there any dents in the garage door? if so remember that is the first thing they will see when the pull in the driveway. The conversation goes like this ” honey look at that dent that really stands out, that will have to be fixed. How much do you think that will cost?” see they are deducting value before they even get out of the car. We want to stay away from this so we have to be honest with the home. We’ll walk all the way around it making notes to review later.

After you have toured your home’s exterior and yard move inside and do the same thing use a critical eye to evaluate the interior. Is there any normal wear and tear you can correct with paint? Can some furniture be removed to make space? Are the carpets tight and clean? Are the toilets tight to the floor and calked? Is there any pet damage or odors? That is a big one, we all have pets and they are part of our family but they must be minimalized during a home sale or it can cost you. Make preparation for the pets to be gone for showings they will thank you because it makes them worried and nervous when someone strange is moving through their home. are all the light bulbs replace and the globes cleaned and the list goes on. But do you see what I mean about having a critical eye? Again make notes to consider later.

Lastly but not least, after we have evaluated the home for  manicure and present ability it must past the home inspections after a contract is accepted and you are headed to escrow. So lets look in the mechanical room. Is it clean and lent free? Remove anything stored there so the hot water tank and furnace are accessible. Check under the crawl space make sure there is no wood laying around or water standing, look under sinks and vanity’s to see if there are any minor leaks you were not aware of. Make sure the breaker box is clear and accessible. Once again give everything a good look over for something you might have over looked in your daily coming and going. If you see a problem lets fixit it and save the problem when you are trying to get moved later after we have a contract in place.

I have made a list below that you might consider. These are just some good ideas to consider and if you have any questions please call us, any of our agents will sit down with you and walk you completely through the selling process so you can feel confident in your move. It’s a thing we call Sudduth University and we leave no stone unturned in educating you about the process from beginning to end.

  1. Move in Condition is the bench mark.
  2. Clean and stretch carpets.
  3. Have the windows cleaned and have curtains open for light during showings
  4. Touch up paint or repaint interior and exterior.
  5. Check windows for proper operation, calk and paint. make needed repairs.
  6. Remove all magazines and newspapers  from area where we all leave them.
  7. Pack up anything you do not use daily. You are moving and if we price the home right you are moving soon, so box it up.
  8.  Clean out under cabinets so the workings and pipes can be seen and inspected
  9. Has you roof been checked for hail and ware? If not, do that, after all we live in Kansas. Replacing a roof while in escrow is a nightmare we do not want to live.
  10. You might consider hiring a private home inspector and making his recommended repairs. This can be a valuable selling tool because it shows serious effort on your part to do your best for the buyer.
  11. have the HVAC system serviced by a licensed contractor and tape the invoice to the front of the furnace.
  12. Termite inspections are inexpensive and can save considerable stress in the contract process. I would get one.
  13. Replace all burned out light bulbs and leave the lights on for showings. The buyers are assured you were expecting them
  14. If you have a water well for domestic water, septic tank and or lagoon have them inspected and make needed repairs. This will be a lender requirement so best to do it now while you are calling the shots and not under contract.
  15. Map out your plants if you have special ones and identify them by name especially fruit trees. This is a great value to the buyer and likely your beautiful yard was a big selling feature.
  16. Power wash the deck or patio and refinish if it is weathered. Then stage your deck and patio with lawn furniture.
  17. Make a list of everything you have done to the home over the years. Buyers love this kind of information.
  18. Make a list of all the things you love about your home. Do not take for granted the buyer will be able to visualize the beautiful sunsets across the water, the humming birds that come back every year, or the shaded back yard that is so cool on summer evenings, if its winter they will be looking at the fireplace and if its summer you need to point out how beautiful the Christmas tree is in the window. All of these things are essential to helping your agent write the best ads.
  19. Make arrangements for the pets they will love you if you do not leave them home during showings. It really upsets them.
  20. Remove extra furniture to make rooms look bigger.
  21. Clean off all counters, no pen and pencil cups, note pads, appliances you rarely use, do some major declutter.
  22. Move and hide exterior trash containers.
  23. Clean off the refrigerator no magnets and children’s art work. I know its home but this sale should not take long if it is done right. 🙂
  24. Remove all guns and jewelry or place then in a inconspicuous safe.
  25. Have the home ready for pictures day 1. Great pictures are critical. Most buyers are starting on line and they choose the homes they look at by the pictures on line.
  26. Call one of our professional full time agents and have a great selling experience.

I hope you find this helpful and as always do not hesitate to call us about any real estate question. We want to be your resource for your most valuable asset.

Mark Sudduth Broker / Owner

Realty Executives Sudduth Realty Inc.

Mark Sudduth
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Do You Want to Sell Your Real Estate As Is?

Have you ever sold a home just to have the inspector reopen negotiations because of unknown defects? The Auction process solves that problem, let me explain how. First AS IS does not mean the seller can hide any known defects, to the contrary they must disclose to the buyer as in any other sale process. However the seller will sit a sale date and make available know defects and after that it is the buyers responsibility to have any other inspections done in advance of the sale. In this manner the buyer can full satisfy their concerns and be prepared to make an informed bid the day of the sale where the property will sell AS IS.

Mark Sudduth  Broker – Auctioneer

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Guaranteed Closing Dates Make You a Stronger Buyer

Auctioning Real Estate has many benefits to the seller one of which is the ability to set your own closing date. Have you ever tried to sell a property and move the assets to another one and be able to give that seller any assurance of a solid closing date? If so, you know it is nearly impossible while your buyer is still doing inspections and renegotiating. Appraisals are still pending and the entire time you are under the gun and gambling that the closing will happen per the contract. Additionally you cannot negotiate your best price or even secure another property because of the contingency’s from your buyer.

Auction eliminates that. You sit a date to sell and a date to close. You then can go to a seller with a solid offer because your buyer has completed their contingency’s in advance of the day of sale and deposited a non refundable 10% deposit. This makes you very strong as a buyer and gives you the advantage of making an offer more favorable to you. Additionally it saves lots of time , STRESS, and money.

Mark Sudduth Broker – Auctioneer




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Coming Prepared to an Auction: 5 Steps

The people who win at the auction are the people who prepare for victory well before the auction, especially for high stakes items like real estate. Preparation is key. Here are the four major steps that you need to consider so that you can come into any auction prepared to win.
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