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Do you want to build a house, but can’t afford to buy land? No problem, here are some ways you can afford land.

You’re ready to start the journey of land ownership.

Perhaps you want to start a homestead. Maybe you want to have a house in the country to raise your family. Or you want a camp getaway for hunting and fishing.

Whatever the reason, you’re discovering that to buy land requires quite a bit of money.

Seeing as the average American can’t even come up with $1000 in the case of an emergency, how are you supposed to come up with tens of thousands of dollars for your dream piece of property?

If you want to buy property and have no money, read on for some tips that could help you secure the land you want!

Have SOME Money

Though I just finished saying these tips are for if you have no money, having even a small amount, say $500, can really help you out.

Having some cash in hand shows that you’re serious about wanting to buy land and are truly interested in the seller’s property.

A property owner may be more willing to discuss a plan with you if you’re able to present a small amount of money. A financial plan and budget will help you get there.

Search Locally

With nearly everyone connected to the Internet nowadays, some people forget that not everything is available online.

Grab your local newspaper or advertiser and scour the pages for land for sale by owner. A listing that is marked OMC (Owner May Carry) or OWC (Owner Will Carry) means that the property owner is willing to finance without involving a financial institution.

Also, take a drive! Take a day to cruise around the area you’re interested in.

Bring some binoculars and scope out signs. “For Sale By Owner,” “Terms Possible,” and “Owner Financed” are some of the signs will indicate you might have a chance to buy land there.

Buy Land That Has Been on the Market A Long Time

If you find a listing for sale that has been on the market for many months or years, it’s far more likely that the owner is willing to make a deal with you.

As far as negotiating a price and terms, consider the how long the property has been on the market and what sort of financing you can obtain.

Ask For Property Access

This is far more likely to work on raw land versus property that has a camp or house on it.

Ask the owner for unlimited access to the property. This will give you the chance to camp on the property, saving you money for closing.

Request A Delayed Closing

Time is money and even an extra 30 days could make the difference between you having enough or not.

A seller could say no to your request, but he may also be willing to delay the closing for up to 90 days, while you use that time to make the money you need.

It doesn’t hurt to ask.

Consider Buying at Auction

Auctions can be an incredible tool for investing in land and you can often find properties selling at incredible prices. We even host online land auctions here on this website from time to time.

Registering for online auctions is incredibly easy and is often a much simpler process than going through a traditional private treaty land sale.

Buying Land IS Possible for You

Now that you have some ideas of how to buy land with little or no money, contact us and we’ll help you find the land of your dreams!