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Do you need help selling your home? Read here to learn 5 tips for finding a great home realtor to help you unload your property and make money.

Homeowners expect to live in their homes for approximately 12 years.

Are you in the market to sell your home?

There are a few tips we can offer you to find a home realtor to assist you through the selling process.

Read on to discover our top 5 tips for finding a great home realtor in your area.

1. Check Stats on Your Potential Home Realtor

You need to do some research on your home realtor and the company they work for.

How many homes has he or she sold during the past year?

What does his or her pattern of sales look like?

How long have they been in the real estate business?

Are the accredited with the correct real estate licenses?

These are important questions to ask your realtor before you work together.

All of this information should also be found on his or her professional website. If your realtor has a LinkedIn account, you can find a history of his or her previous work in the area.

2. Your Realtor Offers Advice on Staging Your Home

Another tip that could make a difference in how fast your home sells is to listen to how your potential realtor wants to stage your home.

Your realtor must have connections with interior designers who know how to stage a home to appeal to many prospective buyers.

You and your realtor must be on the same page when it comes to decorating your home to sell to the masses to maximize value.

Listen to the marketing plan that the realtor provides you with. The plan should include some online advertisements and some newspaper ads to draw in more attention.

It’s also recommended that you host a few open houses to bring attention to your home for sale.

3. Read Customer Reviews

One tip that will give you some wonderful insight into how great your home realtor will be is to read reviews.

97% of customers read online reviews.

People are usually willing to offer their own opinions when it comes to feedback.

Look online to see what other people have to say about the realtor you wish to work with. If the experience has been positive, then you can add him or her to your realtor list.

Feedback is a great way to understand how the home buying experience will pan out if you choose a specific realtor to help you out.

4. Make Sure Your Realtor is Full Time

Don’t waste your time on an agent who is part-time to the business.

You need someone who is devoted to the real estate market in order to find the best results from your home sale.

A realtor must be willing to work with you on the home selling process no matter what other work situations arise.

Having a full-time realtor is important to make sure you are not making a real estate mistake.

5. Interview Realtors

One final tip? Interview the realtors.

You will eliminate the issues with poor realtors if you decide to deal directly with realtors upfront.

Once the interview process is complete, you can narrow down your choices and pick the person right for your life.

Looking for Help Selling Your Property?

These five tips will help you find the perfect realtor.

Our team at Sudduth Realty is ready to help you sell your home.

On our website, we list dozens of brand new homes on the market every single day.