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John was raised on small town values in northwest Kansas, and grew up rambling around the muddy banks of Big Creek. He worked in various capacities in the oil/gas business in Kansas, Colorado and North Dakota for almost 40 years, before early retirement and moving to their lake home on Beaver Lake in Arkansas. He decided to become a Realtor in the rapidly growing area, and focused on lake and rural properties. His work encompassed over $33 Million in sales over the last 9 years. He found that he really enjoyed the new career, and further enhanced his knowledge by volunteering as the Chair of their local HOA Architectural & Building Committee in a lake subdivision, and then as Chair of the Planning Committee in a small town nearby where he and his wife have a home. Other ventures in Arkansas were as owners of some commercial property, and co-ownership of a dock services company on the lake. John and his wife Tamy recently moved back to their native Kansas to be closer to family (3 children, 6 grandchildren), and decided on Rose Hill this time. But he quickly became licensed in Kansas to further his passion for helping folks with their real estate needs, and to stay active in the community. --- Fun facts: • John and Tamy still own the Niernberger family home that his Dad built in 1949 in Ellis Kansas. It has served as a gathering point for family members, and as a temporary home for children and grandchildren as they shuffle through life. • John had a record/tape/stereo/video/candy store back in the early 80’s. • John has volunteered at Habitat for Humanity Restore, Gods Pantry, CASA, been a Board Member for the Wichita YMCA, KIOGA, and was a Kansas certified Mediator for Child Custody and Visitation cases for several years in the 90’s. • John received a Bachelors’ Degree in Business Management from Baker University at the age of 46 after a dozen or so years of night classes. ---- For people looking for a hands-on Realtor in the Rose Hill area, John would be delighted to visit with you, and utilize his life experiences to assist with your real estate needs. He will show you his “One Client at a Time” approach to problem solving. And you can even discuss what exactly a “Real Estate Novelist” really is.

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