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Traditional Real Estate

When you want to get your home sold, you want to work with Sudduth Realty. Regardless of whether an auction sale or traditional (treaty) sale is best for you, we get the job done. We sell properties of all kinds, sizes, and at all price-points: our goal is always getting sellers like you the money you deserve.

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Sell Your Property Fast

We understand that when you make the decision to sell, you want to sell now. Though traditional (aka treaty) property sales are known to take longer than, for example, auction sales, when you work the team at Sudduth Realty, we rely on our experience, network, and elbow grease to get your home or property sold fast and for the price tag, you want.

Sell Your Property to the Highest-Bidding Buyer

Whether it’s through an auction or a traditional sale, you want to sell your home to the highest bidder. At Sudduth Realty, we are 100% focused on finding and connecting your property with the highest-bidding buyers and positioning it property for maximum success.

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Sell Your Property by Reaching More Buyers

We have a large network of potential buyers through which we market properties (in addition to traditional channels). Regardless of whether your property is in perfect condition, or rough around the edges, or in need of a complete rehab, we can sell it. We know how to make the most of big-picture items such as location, design, and land — which benefits your earnings regardless of whether your home is in pristine condition or as-is condition.

Sell Your Property with Sudduth Realty’s Team of Proven Closers

We don’t just close deals: we excel at closing deals. Whether you are choosing a traditional sales path or you’re going to auction, you need experienced closers representing you. Let’s face it: you don’t want to accept one offer only to find out months later it’s not going to work. At Sudduth Realty, we fully understand the steps needed to get to inking the deal, and because we are deal closers, we ensure buyers are vetted and serious.

Hi, I’m Mark Sudduth. If you’re ready to see the potential an Executive can bring to your next transition, let’s talk. I’ll pair you with one of our experienced agents to discuss your specific situation in more detail.

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