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Don’t Go!

We’re Totally Falling Apart Without You!

John, how did this escalate so quickly?

We promise we only wanted to help you find the home of your dreams, and maybe make you chuckle once in a while. But if you must go, we’ll try to hold it together… barely.

Okay, okay, I changed my mind! Keep the fun coming!Nope, I need space. And not the kind you're selling.

P.S.: If you ever want to laugh with us again or check out some stellar listings, you know where to find us. Take care, and remember: every time someone unsubscribes, a property somewhere loses its curb appeal! 😉

Is it something I said?
It’s not you, it’s us. We might’ve gone overboard with the ‘house puns’.

Do I need to return the housewarming gifts?
Only if you’re talking about the free real estate advice. Keep the blender.

Will she be okay?
Eventually, yes. After some therapeutic home staging and maybe a little ice cream.