Sell Your Property at Auction

These days, selling a home is as easy as stepping up to the auction block. More and more people are choosing to sell their home at auction and not just properties in distress. Homeowners at all ends of the property value spectrum are choosing to this selling method because it’s fast, it’s efficient, and they’re getting top dollar for their asking price (plus, the whole experience is a lot more fun).

Auctions Are Fast

When you sell your property at an auction, people come ready to buy. In most cases, the entire process happens within 30 days. This can save you thousands when traditional listing costs and fees are considered.

Potentially Higher Selling Prices

In many cases, you can get the higher end of the market price for your home by selling at auction. The competitive buying process often causes bidding wars, which can propel the actual selling point of a property past the initial asking price.

Big Picture Buying Power

At auction, buyers are attracted to a property for its merits and are often willing to overlook nitty-gritty details. Most auctions sell properties “as-is”, so buyers place more emphasis on big-picture items like location, neighborhood, and design of the property. This is the case even if your property requires a great deal of maintenance in order to create a livable space.

More Deals Close

Believe it or not, auctions bring higher quality buyers.  People come prepared with money, good credit and pre-approved offers in-hand. In addition, rescission fees keep out the window shoppers and act as a natural vetting process for buyers.

A successful sale at an auction means faster money and less hassle for you. Consider the tips above before you commit yourself to the traditional real estate selling process. You may actually find a better market for your property.

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