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If you are placing your home on the market, you’ll need to stage it to entice buyers. Here are 5 home staging trends everyone selling a home should know.When it comes to selling a home, first impressions are everything! Often times, home staging trends mirror interior design trends. But this isn’t always the case.

Every detail from the color of your walls to the design of your kitchen backsplash matters. It can be hard to keep up with trends, so we created a list of the 5 home staging trends every seller should know.

Read on to find out what d?cor choice you can make to sell your property.

1. Think Neutral Shades

Taupe is the new neutral. Over the last few years, we’ve seen warm neutrals take the main stage in many homes. Consider painting your walls with a fresh, neutral coat.

Shades of gray match both carpet and hardwood and can add a modern look to the oldest homes. If painting is too committal for you, think about using natural colors in your throw rugs or pillows.

2. Accessorize with Metal Accents

Like, metal accents have the versatility to work in any home. Metals like steel and copper add a bright focal point to kitchens, family rooms, and bedrooms.

A current favorite, copper, go with gray or taupe. Metals have that natural shine that adds a hint of luxury to any room.

Consider getting your kitchen hardware in copper or add a Moscow Mule mug to the bar cart. There’s a reason why everyone is going mad about metallic.

3. Work Hard, Play Harder

The line between work and life has blurred over the past few years. Worldwide, more than 23% of people report doing some of their work remotely.

This trend has created a need for homes that have ample office space. Consider flipping that unused room into a swank office space.

Showcase a home that can fulfill buyers’ leisure and work matters. Buyers should still be able to imagine themselves having fun on the same property.

Furnish a game room, outdoor entertainment center or built-in theatre. A home with room for both work and play is something that could attract buyers.

4. Furnish with Warm and Cozy Textures

The warm and cozy d?cor trend can make a buyer feel at home. Stage your property with thick knits, plush throws, and candles.

33% of Americans report living with extreme stress. A rustic, cozy home could help them unwind. Mix it up with reclaimed wood and cork to create a cabin feel.

5. Go Green!

Green has been popping up in many modern homes. You can place greenery on your property with real or acritical plants.

If you prefer the glamorous look, add green in the form of emerald. Emerald accents go with gold to add an extra shine to your home.

If you want a subtler hint of green, go for a simple table plant.

Home Staging Trends: Today and Tomorrow

Following home staging trends may mean adding small pieces to your property.

Add a few sleek accessories, or slap on a fresh coat of paint. Your next sale depends on making the buyer fall in love at first sight.

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